The Not-So-Short Version

There’s an abundance of establishments you can go to if you just want a beverage. But if you’re looking to awaken your senses, connect with others and put a smile on your face, Fat Straws is the place. And we do it with the brilliance of bubbles. But these are no ordinary bubbles. In fact, they’re not really bubbles at all. They’re chewy, bouncy balls of tapioca that swim and swirl in your cup to create a playful tasty drink called bubble tea. This unique milk tea and tapioca combination is a worldwide sensation that began in Taiwan in the 1980s, spread to LA and NY, and found its way to the DFW area with the creation of Fat Straws. And of course, to suck up these lively bubbles, folks need…you guessed it…fat straws. And because it’s no fun having just one kind of drink, we offer much more than our famous bubble tea. Each day we serve up a variety of delicious hand-crafted beverages, from classic teas to fruit smoothies and slushes. And each day our Fat Straws fans keep coming back.

The Story Behind our Story

As a child of Vietnamese immigrants, Terry Pham grew up around his grandmother and her ritual of drinking tea. He also spent countless hours helping his mother manage 7-Eleven stores. So when the dot-com bubble burst Terry’s IT career, it was only fitting he went back to his roots, ironically, to launch a new career with another bubble. Terry and his wife Jennifer opened the first Fat Straws in 2002 and, despite a challenging economic climate, grew 15-20% each year. In 2007, Fat Straws launched its second store in north Dallas. Even the 2008 recession didn’t slow Fat Straws’ continued growth, due in part to Terry’s focus on quality control, outstanding service, community-based marketing and an emphasis on strong relationships–with customers and employees. Today, Fat Straws is looking to expand across the DFW area and bring “happiness in a cup” to even more thirsty customers.


Pouring on the Passion

Fat Straws is obsessed with creating the best customer experience possible. And that starts with our products. That means creating everything by hand. It means making our tapioca pearls fresh daily for the perfect taste and texture. And it means sourcing the finest ingredients possible – whether it’s Jasmine tea from Jiangsu, mangos from Mexico or ice cream from Brenham, Texas. We call our servers “infustionists” because they carefully handcraft each and every drink from recipes they know by heart. They are masters at their craft. And they bring all the happiness together in your cup.

What We're Really About


We are passionate about building community by fostering relationships and deep personal connections.


We believe in taking ownership by being responsible stewards of the company’s resources.


We serve others by putting the needs of our team members, customers, investors, and our community first.