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What to drink: Watermelon cooler at Fat Straws – July 2014

“Bubble tea (also known as boba tea) is hard to come by in our neighborhood. For whatever reason, those deliciously chewy tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of the beverage just haven’t caught on in Preston Hollow. Perhaps they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak.

A couple of shops have tried and failed to woo us. Remember I Heart Boba at Preston/Forest? Even the larger chain Chill Bubble Tea did not survive in its location off Inwood. Now, the only place to score such a rare treat is Fat Straws Bubble Tea, which successfully has operated across from the Galleria for years.

This summer, they’ve brought back the popular “watermelon cooler.” It’s a surprisingly simple, non-tea menu item. As with any order, you can get it with or without bubbles, and it’s perfect on a scorching hot day — and well worth crossing the loop.” – by Emily Toman

Fat Straws named Best Tea House by Dallas A-List voters – July 2014

Voters named Fat Straws the Best Tea House in the North Texas area for 2014.

Eating Well: Avocado Edition – April 2014

“Not just for guacamole anymore, avocados may be the most super of all super foods. Banking on the benefits of healthy fats, high protein and fiber, chefs are creating dishes and drinks that resonate with nutrition-savvy diners.”… “The avocado smoothie is a simple blend of milk, avocado and a touch of brown sugar for a praline finish. For something dressier, add mixed berries or pineapple, and coconut milk is an option for the lactose averse. 5301 Alpha Road, The Galleria, Suite38, 972.702.8181; 6509 W. Park. Blvd., Suite425, Plano. 972.403.7403”

How to Start a Business in a Recession – Entrepreneur October 2011.

(This article was originally published in the October 2011 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Beyond the Bubble (Tea).)

“The early years of this century have already seen two significant downturns: the dot-com bubble-and-burst, and the housing-crash-led recession of 2009. Terry Pham launched his first Dallas-area bubble-tea store during one and survived them both.

Now Pham and many entrepreneurs like him are weighing the risks of running–and even more daunting, starting–new businesses in economically perilous times.

Pham’s lessons learned–based on his experiences and losses as a child of immigrants and rounded out by more than a decade of running the unlikely success story of a specialty tea shop in central Texas–tell a tale of perseverance, loyalty to family (and co-workers) and optimism in the face of adversity. His story offers guidance and inspiration that apply to any business cycle.”

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Fat Straws Bubble Tea – August 2010

“When you need a refreshing summer brew, bubble tea is in a class all its own. “It’s a drink that you can eat,” says Terry Pham, owner of Fat Straws Bubble Tea. Taiwanese street vendors invented the treat in the 1980s, combining tea, fruit juice, milk and tapioca balls shaken together, which formed a frothy look on top. “So all the little kids referred to it as bubble tea,” Pham says. Fat Straws just introduced a new flavor, Moji-tea — a bubble tea version of the cocktail. The most popular items are the classic bubble tea, which uses a black tea base, brown sugar and non-dairy creamer, and the green tea milk shake made with Japanese green tea and green tea ice cream. Pham says most of his customers are regulars just like those who stop at their favorite coffee shop every morning. “You have to experience it,” he says. “Once you do, it’s got an addictive quality.”

Best Bubble Tea – 2008

“It’s hard to frequent any culinary establishment with the word “fat” in the name, but this fabulous slurp-fest is made possible and palatable only by the fat straws used to suck up the big, chewy tapioca balls at the bottom of the delicious and nutritious teas, slushees and smoothies the place has to offer. The tapioca balls—bubbles in Fat Straw parlance—are pearls of chewy carbs and aren’t so much flavorful as they are textural, providing the slurper with a unique sip, chew, swallow, eat experience. The Dallas location we visited near the Galleria is a slight, sleek ultra-modern venue, and the menu boasts a vast array of post-modern beverages such as a green tea milkshake, passion fruit jasmine tea and mango slushees. This is definitely not your father’s Starbucks. Nor does it pretend to be.”

And the winner is: – June 2007

“A lovely passion fruit-jasmine tea from Fat Straws Bubble Tea was the judges’ pick in Sunday’s Best Iced Tea Contest at the Plaza at Preston Center.”